4th of July – Independence Day is a federal holiday celebrated in the United States commemorating the Declaration of Independence of the United States on July 4, 1776. The Continental Congress declared that the thirteen American colonies were no longer subject to the monarch of Britain and were now united, free, and independent states.

We celebrate American Independence Day on the Fourth of July every year. We think of July 4, 1776, as a day that represents the Declaration of Independence and the birth of the United States of America as an independent nation.

July 4th festivities come in all shapes, sizes, and spectacles.   If you’re looking to change up your routine this Independence Day, here are 14 destinations that do an exciting celebrating. All are located on islands or along the coast and each delivers a red, white, and a blue lineup of nostalgic Americana: fun traditions, famous annual contests and, and fantastic fireworks. These are just a few cities and states for you to check out for the 4th of July celebration this summer and they are:

  • 4th of July at Florida Keys, Key West, FL
  • 4th of July Fireworks, Key West, FL
  • 4th of July New York City Fireworks Boat Party, New York, NY
  • 4th of July New York Fireworks & Parade – Manhattan, NY and New York, NY
  • July 4th Celebration at The PIER – San Francisco, CA
  • 4th of July San Francisco Speakeasy Fireworks Cruise – San Francisco, CA
  • Fourth of July Fireworks – Mackinac Island, MI
  • Seafair Summer Fourth – Seattle, WA
  • Family Fourth of July – SeaTac, WA
  • 4th of July Weekend Events & Fireworks – Buren, WA
  • 4th of July Fireworks – Jekyll Island, GA
  • Patriot Point 4th of July Blast – Charleston, SC
  • 4th of July Festival – North Charleston, SC
  • July 4th Blues & BBQ Harbor Cruise – Charleston, SC 

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