Prom is coming soon, and you need to get prepared to start shopping for the prom.  This is an exciting event to celebrate with family and friends.  This is a major achievement that you have completed your high school education and you are now going higher in life to the next step which is college.

The purpose of prom is to give every young adult the opportunity to develop social skills with others by engaging in communicating and fun.  The prom is the most important event in high school.

Prom season is in late Spring – May or June depending on your location.

A prom is a formal event.  It is expensive depending on what the young adults want for themselves for the prom dance and after prom events.

Since Proms are formal events the weather is cooler, the young ladies wear long gowns that reach the floor and some wear shorter formal dresses with high heels, and the young men wear suits or tuxedos.

Many young ladies plan proms months in advance and want to become prom queen.  The young men want to become the prom king.  Prom is the highlight in graduation from high school.

Prom is expensive because of clothing purchases, dinner, tickets to events, and transportation.

Prom is special for young ladies’ life for remembering.   It is the best time as the school year is coming to an end.  Prom is a big deal for everyone attending.

The way you can start planning and preparing for an exciting prom season while keeping your budget you should.

  1. Create a Prom Budget.
  2. Create your prom budget, talking to your parents about what they may be able to contribute. You’ll want to take these costs into consideration when creating your budget – Outfit: Dress/ Suit, Dress Jacket or Tuxedo – Prom Jacket –, and Prom Shoes – Prom Dress –
  3. Makeup – whether you’re getting your makeup done professionally
    or just buying a special shade of lip-gloss for the evening.
  4. Hair – If you’re getting your hair done by a professional hair-dresser, it’s important to factor in the costs.
  5. Nails – Are you going to get a manicure/pedicure?
  6. Jewelry & Accessories – what are you going to wear?
  7. Tickets – Most proms sell tickets.  Students usually focus on the outfit.   It’s important to remember this cost.
  8. Dinner – Some prom tickets include the cost of dinner;  however, if yours doesn’t, your prom group will need to decide on a place to dine.
  9. Limousine/transportation costs – Transportation to and from prom is typically split by all of your friends within your prom group.
  10. Corsage/boutonniere for your date.
  11. Photos – At many proms, you have the option of getting a professional photo taken with your date.