My mother has gone onto Heaven.  She was my Baby Girl, and I will always love her for the way she treated me.  My mother was a special lady.  My mother was very kind, mild tempered, and loving.  She was sweet as sweet potato pie.  She never had a harsh word towards anyone.  She taught me how I should treat other people.  My mother calmed me down.  This is the only way I can describe her.  I had wonderful times with my mother hugging and kissing her.

As a young child, she took the time to help me with my homework.  When I did not get the answer correct, she drilled me until I understood.  Years ago, she had been a school teacher.  She taught me how to cook, clean, take care of the house, sew, and much more. 

Whenever I had school activities during the school year or after school activities, she was there supporting me.  My mother was very supportive.  I tried my very best to please my mother because I wanted her to be proud of me.

It’s a Blessing and joy to have a mother who cares for you.  My mother took me shopping along with my sisters and bought us pretty dresses and other clothing.  I have two sisters.  We were spoiled by our parents.

After my father passed with a heart attack, we were sad without our father.  My mother was very strong and kept everything flowing in the household smoothly.

One day my mother became ill.  We had no idea what was going on and why she was not feeling well.  After a series of test, it was determined she had colon cancer.  The doctors stated my mother had a year to live.  My mother lived for another two years. 

I assisted my mother with her doctor’s appointments and anything else she needed.  I would make her breakfast in the mornings before I went to work.  I lived close to my job and was able to come home on my lunch hour to check on her and make lunch for her.  My job was very supportive by allowing me to take the time to go home and check on her.  She had other friends checking on her also.

A lot of times, I would go shopping and surprise my mother with gifts.  When I would come home, she would ask me, “did you buy me anything today?”  I would surprise her with a, top, dress, or shoes.  That made her happy.  I wanted my mother to be happy even though she was not feeling well.  My mother did well with her medical treatments, and I was proud of her.  I told her how proud I was of her handling her medical treatments.  It was a difficult time for me seeing my mother sick because she had not been sick before.

I miss my mother, and I cherish the time we spent together.  My mother taught me how to be a better person.   On Mother’s Day and always, I will continue to honor my mother.  I love my mother.  My mother is in my heart.  My mother was a survivor.