Summertime is here.  It is time to enjoy the sun in your sunglasses.  You might be wondering what’s the difference in men and women’s sunglasses.   The bridge on the men’s sunglasses is slightly wider and the arms slightly longer.  Men’s sunglasses are somewhat smaller, straighter lines, with fewer color selections and embellishments.  Women’s sunglasses are larger and cover more of the face with more curves and flashy embellishments.   Women’s sunglasses can be found in a large range of colors.

The sunglasses on the website are actually affordable!  The designs give you that inner superstar look.  Sunglasses are an important part of the wardrobe.  You can dress them up, dressed them down, or even wear them at the beach.  There is no limitation as to how and where you cannot wear sunglasses.   In fact, you could have many pairs of sunglasses to fit on many occasions when you are stepping out to put on with your outfits.   Sunglasses make me feel cool, and that I am in control.  

I love how the sunglasses changes my mood when putting on a pair.  I become someone else that is exciting.  Sunglasses set the tone when you are wearing them.  Sunglasses give you a spark of confidence.  It makes men feel cool and women gorgeous.  Remember to pick a style that suits you and your personality.  

When wearing sunglasses, you have self-expression and confidence.  This is important because it makes you feel powerful about yourself.

Sunglasses are designed to fit everyone –  wide ranges of face shape and size.   Men and women can wear each other’s sunglasses.  Try on the sunglasses and see if it is a fit for you.  Do not let categories and opinions tell you what works for you.  If you try them on and like them, get them. Proudly wear your sunglasses with pride.  Looking for self-confidence get the sunglasses that express who you are and enjoy them.  This is your life to enjoy to the fullest.

Happy Summer to you enjoying your sunglasses!